An afternoon of play at Royal Pride

Since much of the support the Kampala Volunteer Cluster offers to Royal Pride is financial or technical, Izy thought it’d be a nice idea to do something fun with the kids. Linda was very keen on this idea so between the two of them, they planned an afternoon of play last Friday at the school. Here are a few pics

Linda and Izy issuing instructions

Linda selected a couple of activities which worked brilliantly. I focused on doing exactly as I was told since I don’t have a creative bone in my body and big groups of children scare me a bit. They scare Chris a lot so he acted as photographer for the day.

There was a game with sponges, water, buckets a short run apart and two teams of hyperactive children..

The sponge game – with menacing clouds in the background that thankfully never amounted to much

And one where you tie string around a child’s waist to create a ‘tail’ which is weighted with a nail – they then have to squat to get the nail into the top of the old wine bottle..

The nail and wine bottle game – I’m not sure how parents at home would feel about primary school teachers creating games for their kids using their alcohol empties


Plus various indoor activities with clay, paint and crafty bits.

Painting – mainly cups of tea, houses and flowers

Proud of their clay creations

With squash and a biscuit to finish.

Post play sustenance

More posing

It was a really enjoyable afternoon but – being unused to such knackering frivolity – I was ready for bed by 8pm. Linda stayed in Kampala for the weekend so we made it a nice one, visiting the La Ba arts festival on Saturday then spending a few hours chilling in the garden at Mish Mash yesterday in support of our friend Jan who was running a fundraiser for Mildmay Hospital.

So, here I am.. Monday morning again.. except this week is exciting because my mum and the Schwaabs arrive in just a few days!!  : )

Plus yesterday was a good bird day in our compound.. a little brown bird spent some time perched on our windowsill, rapping on the window with his beak AND a hawk landed on the roof opposite very briefly but flew off before I could grab the camera. This cool guy though hung around for a little while:

A stork or a crane maybe?


One thought on “An afternoon of play at Royal Pride

  1. Hi sweethearts, nice blogs… in the Netherlands parents don’t mind about using alcohol empties, but they can nag A LOT about things you can’t even think of 😉
    Enjoy welcoming your parents! Will be lovely!
    See you next week!

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